Admin Interface

Docket Cache WP Admin Interface

Updated: 10-Mar-2023 | v22.07.04

The Docket Cache keeps the admin interface clean, responsive and as simple as possible, with predefined configurations and reusing WordPress libraries as much as possible.


The Overview screen is the primary place to view the current status of Docket Cache activity, configuration, and other useful information.


Web Server

Web Server name.


PHP version and type of Server API.


Cloudflare IP and Ray ID. (1)

Web Proxy

Web Proxy IP other than Cloudflare. (2)

Object Cache Stats

Total object size in cache files.

Object OPcache Stats

Total OPcache size in memory, for objects cache files.

WP OPcache Stats

Total OPcache size in memory, for WordPress files.

PHP Memory Limit

Your Server PHP memory limit setting.

WP Frontend Memory Limit

WordPress Website memory limit.

WP Backend Memory Limit

WordPress Admin memory limit.

WP Multi Site

Status either is Multisite. (3)

WP Multi Network

Status either is Multi-Network. (4)

Primary Network

Status either is Primary Network. (4)

Network Locking File

Network Lock file. (4)

Drop-in Writable

Status either Drop-in file can be written, replace or delete.

Drop-in use Wrapper

Status either Drop-in file is wrapper file. (5)

Drop-in Wrapper Available

Status either Drop-in wrapper file exists. (5)

Drop-in Wrapper File

Drop-in wrapper file location. (5)

Drop-in File

Drop-in file path.

Cache Writable

Status either cache file can be written, replace or delete.

Cache Files Limit

Current total cache files and maximum files can be store on disk.

Cache Disk Limit

Current total size cache files and maximum size can be store on disk.

Cache Path

Cache directory path.

Config Writable

Status either config file can be written, replace or delete.

Config Path

Config directory path.

  1. Only visible if your website running behind Cloudflare.

  2. Only visible if web proxy is not Cloudflare such Sucuri and Varnish.

  3. Only visible in Multisite single-network.

  4. Only visible in Multisite Multi-Network setup.

  5. Only visible if DOCKET_CACHE_CONTENT_PATH constant defined.


The configuration screen allows you to change the Docket Cache behaviour without using constant variables. If related constants are defined in the wp-config.php file, it will overwrite the changes on this screen.


LabelRelated Constant

Cronbot Service

OPcache Viewer

Cache Log


LabelRelated Constant

Advanced Post Caching

Object Cache Precaching

WordPress Translation Caching

Admin Page Cache Preloading

Retain Transients in Db


LabelRelated Constant

Optimize WP Query

Optimize Term Count Queries

Optimize Database Tables

Suspend WP Options Autoload

Post Missed Schedule Tweaks

Limit Bulk Edit Actions

Misc Performance Tweaks


LabelRelated Constant

Misc WooCommerce Tweaks

Deactivate WooCommerce Admin

Deactivate WooCommerce Classic Widget

Deactivate WooCommerce WP Dashboard

Deactivate WooCommerce Extensions Page

Deactivate WooCommerce Cart Fragments

Prevent robots crawling add-to-cart links


LabelRelated Constant

Remove XML-RPC / Pingbacks

Remove WP Header Junk

Deactivate WP Emoji

Deactivate WP Feed

Deactivate WP Embed

Deactivate WP Lazy Load

Deactivate WP Sitemap

Deactivate WP Application Passwords

Deactivate WP Events & News Feed Dashboard

Deactivate Post Via Email

Deactivate Browse Happy Checking

Deactivate Serve Happy Checking

Limit WP-Admin HTTP Requests


LabelRelated Constant

Cache Files Limit

Cache Disk Limit

Chunk Cache Directory

Real-time File Limit Checking

Auto Remove Stale Cache

Exclude Empty Object Data


LabelRelated Constant

Admin Page Loader

Object Cache Data Stats

Garbage Collector Action Button

Additional Flush Cache Action Button


LabelRelated Constant

Check Critical Version

Flush Object Cache During Deactivation

Flush OPcache During Deactivation

Cache Log

The cache log screen allows you to view the cache log for debugging and monitor cache activities. This screen is only visible if the Cache Log option is enabled on the configuration screen.



Timestamp format.

Log All

Enable or Disable Log All.

Log File

Log file path.

Log Size

Log file size.

Flush Log

Flush log file.

Please refer to DOCKET_CACHE_LOG* related constant for details.


The cronbot screen allows you to connect Docket Cache with Cronbot Service. This screen also provides a function to view and execute registered cron tasks.


Service Status

Status either connected to Cronbot Service.

Last Received Ping

Timestamp last Cronbot Service connect to your website.

Next Expecting Ping

Timestamp next Cronbot Service expected connect to your website.


Connect to Cronbot Service.


Disconnect from Cronbot Service.

Run Scheduled Event

Execute scheduled cron task.

Run All Now

Execute all cron task.

Please refer to DOCKET_CACHE_CRONBOT constant for details.

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